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In the Commandery, the Chivalric Orders of Knighthood are conferred as follows:

The Illustrious Order of the Red Cross; founded upon Truth - a divine attribute, the foundation of every virtue.

The Order of the Knight of Malta, first called Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem, is known to have been in existence as early as 1099 A.D. It was the first organized body whose avowed purpose was the succor and care of the injured on a field of battle. The teaching of the Christian Application of Masonic precepts begins with this order. 

The Order of the Temple, the crowning glory of York Rite Masonry, has been characterized by many as the solemn and impressive experience in Masonry.  Here the aspirant progresses step by step, the way trod by Jesus of Nazareth until the empty joins with the Sprig of Acacia to teach that at last wwe shall dwell forever in realms of life and light eternal.  

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